GorillaBall is a tough game but we did not invent it.

It stated in 1933 with President Hoover. Yep. We happened to be invited to a private game with some pro athletes and learned a faster, more challenging game.

GorillaBall is played with a 14" soft medicine ball. Your goal is to play with a 10lb but let us tell you, it's not easy. Most players start with a 6lb and work themselves to an 8 and then a 10lb.

The teams are 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3.  You play until a team hits 10 points and you only get a point when you serve.

You must catch and release the medicine ball in one smooth motion. No juggling, no stepping and no handing off to a teammate.

It's a lot of fun and we promise you will get a great workout.  I mean seriously, how hard could it be?

History of GorillaBall Short.jpg